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We’ve re-invented lead battery technology. GreenSeal™ technology enables improved performance at lower production costs for traditional lead-acid batteries. With extendibility into other advanced chemistries, GreenSeal delivers dramatically better performance than any existing battery technology.

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Advanced Battery Concepts Launches First Product!

  • Home Emergency Energy Storage (HEES)
    • Dedicated Home Energy Reserve
    • Supports Vital Home Functions
    • Reliable Power During Outages
    • Compatible with Generators & Solar Power
    • Efficient & Homeowner Friendly
    • Remote Monitoring
    • Safe and Practical
    • Complete Packaged System
    • Long Performance Life
    • 10 Year Warranty

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GreenSeal Technology

  • New approach for producing lead batteries
  • Increases cycle life by about 300% compared to standard lead batteries
  • Re-charges twice as fast as standard lead batteries
  • Lighter than traditional batteries
  • Higher power than any comparable commercial battery
  • Already produced on a large-scale commercial basis (six global manufacturers are adopting the technology into their products and we’ll continue securing additional licenses


Why Lead Batteries?

  • Proven and widely-supported technology that can fit practically any application
  • 100% recyclable and fits seamlessly into existing recycling processes
  • Extremely safe
  • Re-chargeable
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Advanced Battery Concepts Appoints Michael Armstrong as Vice President, Energy Storage

December 15, 2021

Advanced Battery Concepts, LLC, a global leader in bi-polar battery invention and manufacturing, has announced the appointment of Michael Armstrong as Vice President, Energy Storage. In mid-October

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