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We’ve re-invented lead battery technology. GreenSeal™ technology enables improved performance at lower production costs for traditional lead-acid batteries. With extendibility into other advanced chemistries, GreenSeal delivers dramatically better performance than any existing battery technology.

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Why Lead Batteries?

  • Proven and widely-supported technology that can fit practically any application
  • 100% recyclable and fits seamlessly into existing recycling processes
  • Extremely safe
  • Re-chargeable

GreenSeal Technology

  • New approach for producing lead batteries
  • Increases cycle life by about 300% compared to standard lead batteries
  • Re-charges twice as fast as standard lead batteries
  • Lighter than traditional batteries
  • Higher power than any comparable commercial battery
  • Already produced on a large-scale commercial basis (three global manufacturers are adopting the technology into their products and we’ll continue securing additional licenses)
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Advanced Battery Concepts and FengFan Sign Memorandum of Cooperation to Jointly Develop Bipolar Lead Batteries

October 8, 2018

FengFan and Advanced Battery Concepts recently met at Feng Fan’s headquarters in Baoding, China on the 25th. September 2018. Present were ABC’s CEO Dr. Ed Shaffer and Feng Fan’s CEO Mr. Li Yong

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