Advanced Battery Concepts has designed a bipolar, lead-acid battery and implemented a commercially viable manufacturing process.

Bipolar construction is an approach that produces lead batteries that are lighter, cost less, charge faster, and last longer than traditional lead batteries. Commercial implementation, however, has been non-existent due to its small, non-standard size – until now.

GreenSeal® Technology

The advantages of bipolar batteries have been known for almost 100 years.

  • Uniform current density
  • Increased active material utilization
  • Higher energy density
  • Higher power density
  • Simpler construction

However, practical concerns around the actual battery design and manufacturing process have prevented anyone from developing a commercially viable bipolar battery – until now. GreenSeal is a new technology that allows bipolar lead batteries to be used anywhere a large format battery is used today.



Advanced Battery Concepts’ approach eliminates heavy metal grids and top-level lead connections, so the batteries are significantly lighter. For example, a car starting battery with GreenSeal weighs 10-20 pounds less than a typical car battery. This can conserve 20-30 gallons of gasoline per year for every driver, potentially saving billions of gallons of oil annually across the globe.

Lasts Longer

Compared to standard lead batteries, GreenSeal increases cycle life by about 300%. That’s the ultimate win-win – conserving resources while providing extra value for customers.


GreenSeal batteries are 100% recyclable and easily fit into existing recycling processes.

Charges Quickly

Average charging time for a battery is reduced by 50% with GreenSeal.

Higher Power

Power in traditional prismatic batteries is limited by the complex top lead and grid structure. Our batteries have no such limitation. For example, our group 24 battery is achieving >1000 cold cranking amps (CCA) versus 550 CCA in a typical Group 24 battery while weighing 25% less.

Production Ready

This is more than an idea. Our production process is already producing batteries on a large-scale commercial basis.

Graph shows that GreenSeal has a 10x longer cycle life compared to standard AGM batteries