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EverGreenSeal Technology

EverGreenSeal Technology

ABC has pioneered new manufacturing technologies and bipolar battery designs, collectively known as EverGreenSeal™ technology

that offer an energy storage solution with superior economics and performance compared to lithium-ion and traditional prismatic lead batteries

  • Enabled by GreenSeal technology, end of life, batteries are disassembled, active and inactive materials recovered and are rebuilt from the same recovered materials 
  • Recovery processes are about twice as efficient as recycling processes significantly reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas generation 
  • Material scrap and waste is reduced by 80% over recycling methods; extending the useful life of non-active materials by up to 5X

EverGreenSeal Technology

EverGreenSeal™ Technology as a Superior Solution

Designed for Disassembly

Superior end-of-life solution for driving to a low-cost structure in an environmentally responsible manner

Reduced Carbon Footprint

100% active materials recovery eliminates traditional recycling emissions and negates mining of new replacement materials

Low-Cost Bill of Materials

EverGreenSeal batteries promote efficient material use and elimination of non-value-added elements resulting in a significantly lower-cost solution than lithium-ion

Low-Cost Clean Manufacturing

Simplified automated precision assembly, reduced work in process, high throughput factory with short manufacturing cycle times and low to no emissions

Low-Risk Electrochemical Foundation

Improved lead chemistry using aqueous, non-flammable electrolyte creates a safe battery that can be installed indoors as well as outdoors.

Production Ready

ABC is already producing batteries on a commercial basis

EverGreenSeal Technology

Features and Benefits

After over a decade of development, the Company has designed and manufactured innovative bipolar batteries with industry-leading performance and recyclability

EverGreenSeal Technology

How It Works

EverGreenSeal™ evolves from GreenSeal® technology, greatly improving efficiency and form factor