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Manufacturing Partnerships

GreenSeal® Technology

The advantages of bipolar batteries have been known for almost 100 years.

  • Uniform current density
  • Increased active material utilization
  • Higher energy density
  • Higher power density
  • Simpler construction

However, practical concerns around the actual battery design and manufacturing process have prevented anyone from developing a commercially viable bipolar battery – until now. GreenSeal is a new technology that allows bipolar lead batteries to be used anywhere a large format battery is used today.

Licensing GreenSeal® Technology Makes a Battery Business Better

  • Current licensees of GreenSeal® technology improve their business in multiple ways:
    • Reduction in BOM can increase gross margins to 35% or greater
    • Growth opportunities for existing business; regaining and preventing share that is going to lithium batteries
    • New market opportunities to expand their reach enabled by higher performance at lower cost
  • Future licensees of GreenSeal® technology boost their competitiveness and control their future:
    • Against local and regional lead battery competitors
    • Facing new technology entrants
    • A path for new battery technology deployments in an advantageous platform

ABC provides active support through battery development:

  • Advanced research, development, and analysis of active materials
  • Engineering development of GreenSeal® battery designs and associated manufacturing processes
  • Small-volume production line to run small lots
  • Creates fieldable batteries with licensee active materials and other process specifications

Licensing GreenSeal® Technology Makes a Battery Business Better

  • Improved profitability
    • 30% bill of materials reduction
    • 40% lower production capital costs
  • Improved environmental stewardship
    • 46% less lead content
    • Path to zero emission plant
  • Improved performance
    • 35-50% more energy and power
    • 2-3X longer cycle life – more possible

Advanced Battery Concepts

Intellectual Property 

Advanced Battery Concepts

ABC has launched the GreenSeal Alliance

  • ABC launched the GreenSeal® Alliance in 2019 to ready the lead battery suppliers for the change to bipolar battery production.
  • Active participation with key material suppliers to ensure global supply availability.
  • Active participation with key equipment makers to ensure global supply of high-volume manufacturing equipment.
  • Many of these suppliers are well known in the industry and are ready to help XYZ move to scale manufacturing of GreenSeal® Technology.

Greenseal Manufacturing Process Flow

Greenseal Core Processes 

Production Line 

  • Designed to accommodate large batteries;  up to 2.5kWh battery capacity
  • Integrated modular system architecture designed to allow continuous flow or segregated operation of component assembly and pasting 
  • High level of automation and mechanization 
    • Critical to Quality measurements and error checking in line real time 
  • Low labor content – highly automized 
  • Core GreenSeal equipment compatible with existing factory infrastructure
    • Precision AM pasting system adapts directly to existing paste mixing/feeding systems
    • Handling of in-line raw materials based on traditional roll goods handling techniques
    • Plastic components and current collectors may be supplied or manufactured in house
    • Formation of GreenSeal adaptable to air or water formation methods

Other Key Benefits 

  • Greatly reduced power requirements
    • Eliminates CAS molten pots 
    • Eliminates grid casting operations 
    • Reduces energy for formation 
      • No up draft fans 
      • Reduced Ah/kg-PAM (higher formation efficiency) 
  • Greatly reduces employee exposure to lead 
    • No paste offal 
    • No wash down required for pasting area 
    • No secondary wastewater treatment for paste waste needed 
    • No exposed cured/dried plates on inventory racks