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GreenSeal Technology

GreenSeal® Technology

The advantages of bipolar batteries have been known for almost 100 years

  • Uniform current density
  • Increased active material utilization
  • Higher energy density
  • Higher power density
  • Simpler construction

However, practical concerns around the actual battery design and manufacturing process have prevented anyone from developing a commercially viable bipolar battery – until now.

GreenSeal® Technology

Features and Benefits

GreenSeal® Technology

How it works

GreenSeal Technology is protected by over 54 granted patents, 60 patents in progress and over 45 Trade Secrets

  • Proprietary and simplified process results in a reduced bill of materials (“BOM”) using 46% less lead than traditional prismatic lead batteries
  • Instead of lead metal grids, ABC produces a plastic bipolar electrode using patented technology
  • The pasted bipolar electrodes are stacked with a separator sheet disposed between them
  • Assembly is as simple as compressing the stack and inserting the ViaLock rods
  • Eliminates the case, lid, element stuffing, inter-cell weld, and cast on strap

EverGreenSeal Technology

The next generation bipolar batteries are here –
EverGreenSeal technology