EverGreenSeal Recycling

EverGreenSeal™’s 100% Recyclable Process

  • EverGreenSeal™ technology enables easy and non-destructive disassembly of advanced bipolar batteries 
  • RAMO™ technology converts spent active material and lead foil back to lead monoxide with zero external heat required
  • These two technologies enable a substantial improvement in the cost and environmental foot-print of traditional lead battery recycling

EverGreenSeal™ Recycling Key Processes:

  • By design, EverGreenSeal™ batteries are able to be disassembled without grinding or pulverizing
  • Easy disassembly simplifies the recycling process to two steps:
    Separation of 3 main components
    Recovery of 3 main components
  • Components are then fed back into the battery production facility to be re-used
  • Allows direct collection of active materials and components which can be incorporated in subsequent battery production

Environmental Impact:

  • No heat energy is required to recycle materials, eliminating CO2 emissions
  • Does not generate lead fumes or external wastes (e.g., slag)
  • Minimizes the economics of unethical scrap recovery 

EverGreenSeal™’s 100% Recyclable Process Visualization