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EV Charger Energy Storage

Electric Vehicle Charger Market is Growing Rapidly

  • Federal targets for share of electric vehicle sales is 50% by 2030
  • To meet this target, EV charger deployment must outpace EV auto sales
  • The EV charging market is projecting growth at a 28.5% CAGR through 2028
  • The bipartisan infrastructure spending plan allocates $7.5B and projects 500,000 sites

1.5 Billion EverGreenSeal™ Batteries Needed by 2030

  • Increased EV demand results in the need to deploy over 1.5 billion batteries by 2030 to ensure seamless grid integration
  • Achieving this goal requires average production of 167 million batteries per year between 2022 and 2030
    • An average battery plant produces ~3 million units per year
    • Requires 56 battery plants and ~8,500 employees
  • Addressing the needs of the EV charger market necessitates doubling the total current battery production capacity in the US between now and the end of 2030
    • Current production in the US is estimated ~80 million batteries annually

Non-Residential EV Chargers required to support US EV market

EV Charging Faces Significant Challenges

  • EV manufacturers are facing three major barriers to customer satisfaction:
    • Charging time is slower compared to refueling times for ICE vehicles
    • Demand fees and charges can be significant
    • Inability to charge when grid is impaired

Solution – DC Chargers Paired with Energy Storage

  • ABC provides energy storage coupled with DC chargers:
    • Energy storage can charge electric vehicles in an hour or less
    • Helps manage demand charges by drawing from storage during peak times – can lead to a 70%+ cost reduction
    • Energy storage enables charger availability when utility power is unavailable

Developments Underway….

Kilows Inc.

Advanced Battery Concepts, LLC and Kilows, Inc. announced they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding whereby ABC will initially supply up to 20,000 of its proprietary GreenSeal® storage batteries to Kilows for its ultrafast Electric Vehicle (EV) charging plugs at up to 5,000 planned locations.

About Kilows, Inc.

Kilows is on a mission to accelerate EV adoption by building an ultrafast EV charging network.  Our vision is to amplify the positive impact we have on the planet by using renewable energy and energy storage.  We are committed to providing the most reliable, rapid-to-deploy, seamless, and time-saving EV charging experience in the market.  Our patented ultrafast charging technology is built on our industry leading energy storage systems designed to maximize efficiency with minimal impact on the grid infrastructure.  The Kilows team has decades of experience in energy generation, battery technology, energy storage and customer success to deliver on our vision.


ABC will begin supplying its patented EverGreenSeal® storage batteries to thousands of Solar Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Plazas being installed by GreenCore across the United States.  The arrangement calls for ABC to manufacture and supply the energy storage systems for an estimated 10,000 Solar EV Charging Plazas by the end of the decade.

About GreenCore

By the end of the decade, Greencore will build and operate a network of more than 10,000 premium Solar EV Charging Plaza’s throughout the United States.  Their Solar EV Charging Plazas will accommodate consumer and commercial vehicles.  Partnering with retail establishments and property owners, GreenCore’s Solar EV Charging Plaza’s will provide a superior experience for drivers.  Perpetual charging will replace range anxiety as drivers will be able to reliably charge their vehicles in safe and convenient locations.