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May 3, 2022

CLARE, MICHIGAN, May 2, 2022– Advanced Battery Concepts, LLC has been awarded the 2022 Battery Council International (BCI) Innovation Award. The prestigious annual award is presented to celebrate innovation in equipment, processes, services and products that advance the lead battery industry by its North American trade association, representing battery manufacturing, supply, recycling and distribution companies.

As implied in the company’s name, Advanced Battery Concepts was established as a battery innovation company about 13 years ago. With over 50 patents and another 63 patents pending, plus 49 trade secrets, the company’s breakthrough technologies and “concepts” have been licensed around the world.

Dr, Edward Shaffer II is the founder and CEO of the company located in Clare, Michigan. It was Dr. Shaffer and his ABC team that, early on, discovered solutions to the complicated bipolar battery that was discovered in the 1930’s and led a ‘technology quest’ that had drained tens-of-millions-of-dollars in search of successful commercial manufacturing. This stellar outcome led to the introduction of Advanced Battery Concepts’ GreenSeal® batteries embodying vast innovative technologies enabling better performing, lower cost energy storage solutions. ABC’s batteries provide a high value that address the power reliability and resiliency deficit in Michigan and across the nation. As cited in the award, “Building a product on a foundation of core technology yielding more than 50 patents and designated trade secrets is innovation by definition”.

The “Sally Breidegam Miksiewicz Innovation Award” from BCI, was established to honor one of the industry’s leading thought leaders who advocated for continuous battery technology advancements, such as demonstrated by Advanced Battery Concepts and the companies which preceded it.

“This Innovation Award marks a milestone in our company’s progress in creating, or at least enhancing, technologies to store and reuse electricity in ways that are socially, economically and environmentally superior to everything that has preceded them. This is what all the members of the Battery Council International strive to do. I am proud that ABC is a member”, said Dr. Edward Shaffer.

Titled: “Advanced Battery Concepts Home Emergency Energy Storage System” and subtitled: “Responsibly Commercialized Innovation”, the company’s application sought to solve a specific problem: Michigan’s ranking in the U.S. Top Five States for power outages and outage duration.

A recent study conducted by the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business MAP (Multidisciplinary Action Projects) Team framed the problem: “Homeowners are seeking a safe, silent, affordable and touch-free backup emergency power solution with a small environmental impact footprint”.

Market trends suggested battery-based and / or fuel-cell based residential backup power is a critical need. Customer preferences prioritized “Quality & Reliability” followed by “Price, Service, Innovation & Regulatory Compliance”.

In September, 2021, ABC introduced its Home Emergency Energy System (HEES) to conform to the parameters and constraints outlined in the University of Michigan study.

GreenSeal® technology and the resulting GreenSeal batteries have been refined, advanced and commercialized including the perfection of unique and innovative core manufacturing processes and equipment to introduce the most efficient lead battery today. When coupled with an industry-leading power conversion system integrated into a homeowner friendly package, the innovative content inside the HEES system provides affordable unfailing security against power loss from weather, aging infrastructure, excessive consumer demand or lack of sufficient supply. Launched for Beta testing within Michigan, initially, the HEES introduction carries an industry standard warranty, which ABC stands behind. The bipolar version of home energy storage is now available for delivery and installation.

The HEES system relies on a foundation of critical technology built into the GreenSeal bipolar battery which holds the 18kWh of energy available to be delivered at up to 6.8kW continuous power for home energy supply in the absence of stable continuous grid power. Available energy can be expanded by adding additional storage enclosures up to 36kWh of total energy available.


ABC has continued to advance the GreenSeal suite of technologies with the newest proprietary technology known as “RapidFill” and “RapidForm”. This is the first VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead-Acid) battery filling and formation process executed with acid flowing continuously through all cells in the battery from the start of formation to the end of formation.


Here again, this is a true innovation for the lead battery industry moving continually away from flooded batteries requiring maintenance and toward maintenance-free VRLA batteries. And this innovation is facilitated by the unique GreenSeal bipolar lead battery architecture invented and perfected by Advanced Battery Concepts.


Integrating such unique and proprietary battery advances into a commercial product for home energy delivery is a true giant step forward for the industry. Widely accepted as the most effective architecture for battery construction, the GreenSeal bipolar battery continues to represent best in class technology, lowest cost structure, best lifetime value and best battery performance within the lead battery industry.


The HEES system exceeds other available storage batteries based on a significantly higher value proposition to the home owner in the form of lower acquisition costs, the safest operation of a home energy storage system while providing the same or higher energy and runtime and state of the art power electronics.

The HEES system is attractive and functional in addition to providing seamless power transition in the event of a grid power disruption. No noise, no fumes, no maintenance and no on-going consumable costs make the Home Emergency Energy Storage system from Advanced Battery Concepts a truly consumer- friendly product packed with the most advanced battery technology in the industry today. Taking up minimal floor space and fitting in almost any available area in the home, the HEES system can be placed in the garage, attic, basement, utility room or even in a living space.


The HEES system with its proprietary GreenSeal batteries as the energy storage component truly represents one of the most innovative energy storage systems commercially available today and thus worthy of the honor bestowed on Advanced Battery Concepts by the Battery Council International (BCI).

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