Advanced Battery Concepts Announces GreenSeal® Alliance

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May 1, 2019

Advanced Battery Concepts (ABC) along with multiple equipment and materials suppliers have launched an industry-wide alliance, during the Battery Council International event in New Orleans, to improve the competitiveness of lead batteries with the adoption of GreenSeal® bipolar battery manufacturing.

Clare, Michigan based ABC said members of the GreenSeal® Alliance will collaborate to streamline manufacturing processes and expand knowledge for GreenSeal® bipolar technology.

“GreenSeal®, already the leading bipolar lead battery technology, is rapidly emerging as the primary method of lead battery manufacture” said Dr. Ed Shaffer, CEO and Founder of ABC, in a statement. “The formation of the GreenSeal® Alliance—the first and broadest collaboration of its kind in the lead battery industry—marks an important milestone in the industry’s adoption of bipolar technology. By bringing together a diverse, non-exclusive group of suppliers, the alliance will bring together the expertise needed to support the transition of lead battery manufacturers to GreenSeal® bipolar battery production”.

Alliance members will have access to details of ABC’s revolutionary GreenSeal® technology, insights into new research areas, direct access to GreenSeal® licensees, opportunity to use ABC’s extensive R&D facilities to evaluate their product ideas directly in GreenSeal® batteries and the ability to suggest and participate in joint research projects with multiple members.  The members will also give and receive public promotion and marketing for alliance members’ capabilities and supporting technologies through the Alliance website.

The alliance will be headed by Jerry Artache, Commercial Director and Reed Schick, Director of Intellectual Property, both of ABC. Mr. Artache is responsible for driving the commercial aspects for the alliance, while Dr. Shick will head the technical components of the program.

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